Blood Glucometer

Alere G1 Blood GLucometer

Alere G1 is a Blood GLucometer. The Alere™ G1 Blood Glucose Monitoring System is for quantitative blood glucose testing in venous, arterial whole blood and fresh capillary whole blood drawn from the fingertips, palm, arm, thigh and calf.


The Alere™ G1 Blood Glucose Monitoring System is for testing outside the body (in vitro diagnostic use).


The Alere™ G1 Blood Glucose Monitoring System is intended for use by healthcare professionals to improve management of patient's blood glucose levels.


  • World’s first Gold Biosensor Technology* For greater Accuracy
  • US FDA Approved*
  • ISO certified (ISO 15197: 2013)*
  • Approved to carry the CE mark*

Easy to use and Accurate, TMthe Alere G1 Blood Glucose Monitoring system comes with some special features:-

  • Test Method: Electrochemical
  • Auto Coding
  • Special Strip Ejector
  • Operating temperature range: 10 - 40
  • Measurement Range: 10- 900 mg/dL
  • Hematocrit Range: 20 - 60 %
  • USB connectivity

Auto-Coded: The monitor doesn't require separate coding

Alere ™ G1 comes with the world's first Gold Biosensor Technology*

Capillary fill strips: The sample is fed through a highly efficient capillary fill system that requires a very small sample volume of 0.5 μL.
No interference from Glucose variants like Maltose and Galactose

Alere ™ G1 comes with best in Class features, performance and approvals*

  ACCU-CHEK ® Performa FreeStyle ™ Optium Xceed ™ Alere ™ G1
Technology Electro chemistry Electro chemistry Electro chemistry
Auto-Coding No (One time coding required) No Yes
Strip Eject Button No No Yes
Measuring Range 10-600 mg/dL 20-500 mg/dL 10-900 mg/dL
Test time 5 secs 6 secs 5 secs
Hematocrit Range 10-70% 30-60% 20-60%
US-FDA approval Yes Yes Yes
CE Yes Yes Yes
ISO 15197:2013 Yes Yes Yes